TEKCTEP is a website for those who want to see an acknowledgment of themselves and how to become more in balance with every day life and also to help answer questions   with in your everyday life; and to give explanations for many things that cause stress and show you how to give yourself relief and peace of mind when things start to go arye; and to also exemplify yourself to know that everything in life cannot be controlled.


The Sessions will allow a person to connect to other frequencies and to learn about themselves; and allow you to know that many things were not meant to be in your control; but also to allow you to know that there are many alternatives and choices; instead of dead ends or the Do or Die theories that have been taught in society; and to rewire the crucial example of the All or Nothing Attitude that many individuals have become accustomed to in the present day of the here and now

in their lives.


This website will also offer actual telekinetic sessions for those who want to balance their lives and have it become more meaningful; which will allow you to see for yourselves that energy does exist and flow in this space of time throughout all times of space.